Select the Lulu Image Hotel and be close to shops, restaurants and boating.

Our hotel offers beautiful tropical lush gardens. Enjoy staying in the most comfortable area of Tanga when choosing our hotel. We are minutes away from the City Centre were you can enjoy shops and clubs.

Stay at the hotel and enjoy peace and quiet environment, eclectic food from our onsite restaurant and Sports Grill Bar.

Spend a day on the beach. Go snorkeling, fishing and diving. Visit the Tanga Yacht Club, go sailing and get an opportunity to cruise by dhow. Visit the Sony Falls and experience nature. Be sure to visit the local Tanga markets that are filled with divine spices. Also meet Tanga people and get to learn how to prepare local dishes and experience an exotic coastal culture by attending local weddings and dances.

Tanga has a variety of other sites that would quench your touristic thirst.

Visit Lushoto for a good Mountain hiking experience, camping and nature viewing at Irente view point.

Be sure to visit the famous Amboni Caves, Saadani and Mkomazi National Parks, Amani Natural Reserve, Usambara Mountains, Sand Bank and Fishing Tours, Maziwe Marine Park Tour, Tongoni ruins, Toten Island, Galanos Springs and Pangani Historical town.

Lulu Image Hotel offers packages that include shuttle to and fro the above mentioned sites, tour guides and picnic arrangements.

Enjoy & Remember Great Times with us

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